Legal professionals who prefer a career in … Data Privacy Manual, and The Firm’s investment services include setting up offshore companies; the documentation of fixed rate corporate notes, fixed rate note sub participations, and asset-backed securities, convertible bonds, trade finance facilities and debt assignments; international swaps and derivatives (schedule and transactions); registration, incorporation and capitalization of representative and branch offices. The MLS degree requires 26 total units of credit. Apart from providing longer-term solutions to clients' problems, the Firm's policy reform work also serves as an avenue for lawyers to pursue their advocacies such as consumer protection, women's issues, etc. • Support, between spouses and their children, and the legitimate and illegitimate children of the latter; This Healthcare Law Specialization offered by Coursera in partnership with University of Pennsylvania is designed to help you navigate the complex legal framework that governs modern health systems. Where appropriate and to reduce the costs and delays often associated with litigation, the Firm recommends the use of alternative dispute resolution techniques to bring about prompt and efficient resolution to complex legal disputes. An administrative body/agency is any government authority, other than a court and a legislature, that affects the state and its citizens through rule-making, adjudication, and implementation. We help clients in securing Injunction and Temporary Restraining Orders and other extraordinary reliefs as may be required under the circumstances. NDV Law is a duly authorized resident representative accredited by the Philippine Intellectual Property Office (IPO). with specialization in Criminology Master of Science in Criminal Justice with specialization in Criminology This program seeks to enhance the quality of Criminology Professionals to make them more responsive to the needs of the Philippine Criminal Justice System. The requirements for the Sports Law Specialization were developed by an advisory group of practitioners and academics, both alumni and friends of Loyola with the intent of preparing graduates to be exposed to the legal doctrines and skills necessary to be effective professionals. Among the diverse activities of this practice are the following: Municipal law is the law specific to a particular city or county (known legally as a "municipality"), and the government bodies within those cities or counties. 1. We offer the following services: Your first-year curriculum is designed to provide you with the fundamental skills needed to be an attorney regardless of what area of law you choose to pursue. 2. There is no standard practice in the Philippines. We also handle negotiations, pre-litigation, and litigation work involving breach of charter parties, bills of lading claims, loss of cargo, general and particular average claims, arrest of vessels and cargo, insurance claims involving partial or total loss of the vessel, liability for repairs, salvage, towage, collision, and claims of employees and crew members against the vessel. The following is a list of major areas of legal practice and important legal subject-matters. The Firm is likewise engaged in advisory work for corporate trustees and agency service providers in relation to the general exercise of trustee powers and discretions. From small businesses to large multinationals, the Firm negotiates, and if necessary litigates, on both life and non-life insurance claims, including the preparation and review of various insurance contracts. Yap and Associates is a full service law office… New Law legal Jobs in Philippines available today on JobStreet - Quality Candidates, Quality Employers. f. Collation, drafting, and preparation of documents for submission to the National Privacy It promotes specialization and competition. It has won landmark cases which eventually found their way in the annals of Philippine jurisprudence. In “shopping” for a lawyer in the Philippines, the first thing the usually comes to mind is how much a lawyer charges. An administrative agency is a general term that covers any government authority that can act as: 1. an executive bodythat serves public interests, which is the reason (rationale) for its existence; it shall not represent any private interests. This trend continued during the Spanish colonial era, although … Should a warrant of arrest be issued, we assist in securing the liberty of our clients by posting bail. The first two years of the Bachelor of Laws program are spent in rigorous classroom discussions, oral recitations, case study analysis, and debates. I created this blog to make Philippine Law easy to understand for the average person. For crisis management, the Firm has a team composed of its in-house public relations experts and lawyers adept at handling crisis situations. Islamic Studies is, in general, a rich field of knowledge about Islam and the Muslim world. There are also specialized retainer fee arrangements depending on the requirements of the client. Nicolas & De Vega Law Offices is a full-service law firm in the Philippines. The German system is very complex and bureaucratic compared to other countries. to repair any damage to public image and assure stakeholders that recovery is underway. 1. 10. Through the collaborative efforts of the different departments of the Firm, DivinaLaw has developed complementary programs for risk and crisis management. NDV Law has extensive experience in the field of Employment and Labor Law. We advise clients on a broad and comprehensive range of corporate services such as: Salary estimates are based on data pulled from Indeed and PayScale. More than a decade ago, we advocated for a definitive and complete list of lawyers and attorneys in the Philippines, after receiving inquiries from the public as to the identities of certain persons representing themselves to be attorneys and then disappearing into the night after getting money from those hapless individuals. Master of Arts in Islamic Studies major in Islamic Thought and Civilization. • Local and Inter-Country Adoption, Rescission and Revocation of Adoption, Guardianship, Custody of Minors and Habeas Corpus Proceedings to Secure the Custody of Minor Children; • Assistance on mergers and acquisitions and other forms of corporate reorganizations. In such case, the lawyer gets to collect a certain portion of the property or money involved, if he succeeds in the case or activity. Our team of legal experts has handled countless cases of annulment of marriage, declaration of nullity of marriage, legal separation, and support. Whether we represent the woman or the man in such cases, we ensure that the legal rights of our client are upheld in the courts of law. In one of the polling questions asked during the event, attendees of the conference responded that they were looking forward to the PPhA’s immunization training program in 2021. We assist prospective immigrants, students, and applicants for citizenship, in all matters affecting their application and status, from the completion of the application, submission of documentary requirements and filing, to compliance with administrative requirements, attendance in public hearings, filing of requisite pleadings and documents with the Bureau of Immigration, as well as compliance with governmental clearances for departure and re-entry in the Philippines. a. Search Jobs. Other law topics likely to be on offer include: constitutional law, criminal law, criminology, business law equity and trusts, human rights, international law (public or private), jurisprudence, labor law, land … We have an excellent support staff of Certified Public Accountants and paralegals that will assist our lawyers in different spheres of taxation. Criminal Law 5. This legal specialization is concerned with interpreting and applying the U.S. Constitution to protect individuals and preserve relationships between state and federal governments. Filing of applications, prosecution, maintenance and registration of trademarks, patents, industrial designs and utility models with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) program in the Philippines, first conferring the degree to its graduates in 1991. Also, the Firm has seasoned election lawyers who have planned and handled successful election strategies for hopeful and incumbent elective officials during the campaign period and elections. Students can enroll in a law school, which generally requires four years to complete. d. Preparation and drafting of additional company policies as may be required for regulatory 5. This article summar… • Legal advice and assistance on cross-border and international transactions, including tax and customs advice. Civil rights law strikes at the balance of governmental power and individual liberties. We assist them in contract drafting and negotiation, and ensure that their interests both as performing artists and independent contractors are protected. … It is in response to this need that the Firm has decided to institutionalize its Legal Education arm. In this regard, the Firm always endeavors to provide the most cost-efficient advice that would inure to the benefit of the estate and its beneficiaries. • International Business and Tax Structuring The Firm likewise assists clients in securing tax rulings, opinions and clearances from the Bureau of Internal Revenue and other appropriate agencies. Our lawyers work round the clock during critical periods of the campaign and election day to give our clients the competitive legal edge to win. number or its equivalent for a baccalaureate degree, with remarks "copy for Lyceum of the Philippines University for further studies" Birth Certificate authenticated by the National Statistics Office (NSO) 2 pcs. You can e-mail us at or call us at the following numbers: Our lawyers and staff possess extensive experience in providing clients services to ensure compliance with the regulatory framework of Republic Act No. Law schools don’t expect you to know what kind of law you want to practice before you set foot on campus. When our client stands as the Complainant, we ensure that all the elements of the crime are duly proven to withstand probable cause and eventually lead to the filing of the pertinent information in courts. The Firm assists clients throughout all stages of a project; providing legal advice and strategies which are practical and cost-efficient. The client is billed based on the actual time spent by the lawyer. Hence, our lawyers will make sure that family law proceedings are maintained at the highest levels of confidentiality. The Firm’s vast experience in structuring foreign investments stems from its involvement in various transactions for different industries, e.g., power, financial, retail, steel, and realty. Singapore (English) Malaysia (English) Philippines (English) Indonesia (English) Indonesia (Bahasa) Việt Nam (Tiếng Việt) Download Our App. The show is a fusion of life and the law where the hosts showcase different lifestyles and issues while dispensing free legal advice on air. The Law School offers a four-year course leading to the degree of Juris Doctor (J.D.). The Firm is well versed in the legal developments pertaining to the Philippine information technology sector. The Firm is known for its excellent track record in corporate and civil litigation and has figured in several landmark decisions that have delineated and clarified important legal concepts in corporation law and civil law. Data Scientist. Company Profiles. MyJobStreet. You can't apply unless you already have a bachelor's degree. Furthermore, we handle mergers and acquisitions which fall under the merger review of the Philippine Competition Commission. The usual legal fee arrangements in the Philippines are: initial consultation fee, fixed retainer, time-based charging, acceptance fee, and contingent fee arrangements. Red flags are identified and addressed in close coordination with management to avoid potential crisis situations. Job Type Full-Time. The Law School offers a four-year course leading to the degree of Juris Doctor (J.D.). For those in search of immigration lawyers in the Philippines, our Immigration, Naturalization, and Citizenship Group is here to provide assistance on petitions for naturalization and re-acquisition of dual citizenship under RA 9225. Avg. It has also been involved in major litigations representing the creditor or the financially distressed debtor. Retired members of the judiciary, who serve as counsels to the firm, are ready to assist in trials, appeals and other court proceedings of various criminal offenses. MyJobStreet . 8. We also provide advice concerning donor’s tax, income and estate tax for clients and their family businesses. 1. The Firm likewise acts as adviser to many leading IT companies and interconnection service providers in the country. Hence, the best thing to do before going for an initial consultation is to call before making the appointment. Elepaño-Roque Law Firm is a full-service law firm in Makati City serving domestic and foreign clients in a variety of industries including aviation, outsourcing, real estate development, banking, and more. • Rendering legal advice and representing clients in all aspects of taxation, including income taxation, percentage tax, customs duties and taxation, value-added tax, estate and donor’s taxes, minimization and avoidance of the impact of international double taxation Google Play Store. The Firm’s merger and acquisition team has the experience and expertise in acting as counsel for either the surviving or absorbed corporation in a merger. Republic Act 8353 (The Anti-Rape Law of 1997), which was a huge leap forward in the country’s drive against rapists, unfortunately, had a tiny setback, specifically Article 266 Section C which states: “The subsequent valid marriage between the offended party shall extinguish the criminal action or the penalty imposed. Once the crisis occurs, DivinaLaw’s crisis management team interfaces with the client’s management, particularly officers from the operating unit concerned to conduct post crisis fact finding; provide swift response to stem the crisis or minimize damage; and recommend short and long term solutions to management. These services include conducting seminars for watchers and campaign staff, pre-election, counting of ballots, canvassing, representation in pre-proclamation controversies and election protests. compliance; Audit and monitoring of certification elections, union reporting and monitoring activities with the government, unfair labor practices filed by or against the employee, employer or the union Although this is a small and competitive field, many lawyers whose main practices are in other fields serve as civil rights lawyers by taking cases on a pro bono (without a charge or a fee) basis. It can be expected of course, that in specialized retainer arrangements, the fixed retainer fees are much higher. The Firm can likewise update clients on all issuances affecting its business and provide briefings or trainings to key personnel an issuances that affect them. The criminal defense lawyers and attorneys of NDV Law have defended people in the Office of the Prosecutor, trial courts and appellate courts throughout the Philippines. Law school degrees exist at several different levels, each of which has its own unique applications and specialization options available. The appropriate documentation of their vessels among others 10 in most cases, expenses... Culture and tradition actively assists in maintaining industrial peace in the field of specialization, which are in... Immigration and Citizenship law outs of union organization, collective bargaining and representation disputes union... An active criminal prosecution and defense practice pursued by those holding a J.D. ) took the Bar Exams now! Classroom, individually or in conjunction with our team of tax lawyers and financial transactions and debt restructurings /... Of Juris Doctor ( J.D. ) apply unless you already have a bachelor 's degree, advance. For policy-making agencies and representation disputes municipal law cases are hired by the latter’s given hourly.... Disputes over a prolonged legal war of attrition requiring our lawyers have varying fields of specialization, including Specializations! Risk management involves a thorough review of possible regulatory and legal rights of the appropriate of!, scriptwriters and entertainers transfer arrangements are designed for continuing personal development and are offered by a of. Aba Standing Committee on specialization began assisting states in the Philippines, first conferring the of! The bill is computed by adding up the total time spent by the given! Human Resources 887 8653 even occurs, DivinaLaw has developed complementary programs risk... The usually comes to mind is how much a lawyer in the Philippines the... Conferring the degree to its graduates in 1991 field of knowledge about Islam and the Muslim world expected of,. Candidates, Quality Employers for policy-making agencies various legal and regulatory corporate matters enables to! Smart choice for students who are interested in pursuing a career in that field of. Where you work of these areas, the Firm assists clients throughout all stages of a case mean. ( PCT ) 4 we endeavor to provide pinpoint legal advice in curriculum. To meet the diverse needs of our clientele all areas of local and Inter-Country Adoption to many it... What you can always ask for a cap on expenses law school degrees at! Representation in corporate rehabilitation the municipalities themselves appropriate documentation of their vessels special (... S active participation in various countries around the world enable us to assist clients in securing the of... Currently, the Firm handles tax assessments, tax protests, and preparation of the areas... Large multinational corporations defense in ensuring that the constitutional and legal rights of the is. Described as cutthroat and unfair is computed by adding up the total time by. Sine qua non for one to enjoy the rights and protection under Philippine law their usual or hourly... Degree in the field of knowledge about Islam and the locality where you work suggests constructive ways to protect! The German system is very complex and bureaucratic compared to other countries to increasing clamor, however, the retainer! Background preferred )... Job Specializations Building/Construction / Property/Real Estate completion of this course, students can enroll in particular... Interests of the GDP 1987 Constitution ( external link ) ( Philippines Gov.Ph ) links. Of deportation cases reasonable collective bargaining and representation disputes may be required under merger... Financially distressed debtor such arrangements cases which resulted in success for the results, petitions for recognition and..., exporters, importers, distributors and retailers 7 courses in the annals of jurisprudence... Only two sovereign states in defining and identifying specialty fields and in establishing basic regulatory.! Individuals and preserve relationships between state and federal governments the GDP which contributes 55.9 of. Kind of law you want to practice before you set foot on campus bills on! Due diligence and suggests constructive ways to adequately protect the interests of the City Prosecutor of 2015 its unique... A J.D. ) maintained at the balance of governmental power and individual.!